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Friday 6/26/19, 5:30p, FoCoMx @ Surfside 7 

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We are spaceagle


Based out of Fort Collins (CO), SpacEagle defies easy labelling.  Our music brings together a little of the old with a bit of the new.  We are influenced by grunge, metal, punk, and blues.  In a sea of Rocky Mountain Bluegrass, we strive to be the louder kids on the block...and to give our fans something to nod their heads to.  We support freedom of expression, friendship, and beer.  Peace. 

(p.s. we have nothing against Bluegrass)

Photos by Darren Mahuron & SpacEagle.


Vocals, Guitar, Pilsners / Chris McCombs
Bass, Backing Vocals, Sours / Jon Guerdrum
Drums, Pale Ales / Matt Malcolm


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In Orbit

by SpacEagle

SpacEagle's first LP.  Recording and mixing by Brandon Weaver.

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Live @ BNW

by SpacEagle

SpacEagle's live set at the first annual "Brave the Elements" rock show.  Recorded on 2/2/18 at Brave New Wheel.  Recording by Brandon Weaver.